First paying gig!!

I am pleased to report that last week was a banner week to say the least which culminated in me getting my first paying gig in the Bay Area!

I had many great meetings last week.

One of my favorite sites is now Regale winery.  As I drove up into the mountains, it felt like I was going to a very special place.  I drove up to these beautiful iron gates and pushed the buzzer to be let in.  Already it felt exclusive.  I parked and met with Leah Blackwell.  She explained to me that Regale is relatively new and the man who built it put a lot of detail into it – trying to make it feel like a Tuscan getaway.  It most certainly does!  The attention that has been paid to detail is more than obvious.  In addition to beautiful grounds and a spectacular view, there is a gorgeous fountain and an outdoor pizza oven (for which they sell pizza party packages).  Pizza and wine?  Yes please!

There is also an upstairs room and patio for events with marble and granite galore.  It is a property with much personality and would suit anything from weddings to corporate events to anniversaries and birthday parties.  As you sit and sip a glass of wine overlooking the vineyards, you will feel like you have been transported to Europe.

They have tastings on the weekends of their wine as well as live music and they encourage people to bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds or on the picnic tables.

P.S. I took one for the team and did a wine tasting as well (generous of me, I know) and I can assure you won’t be disappointed.  It is definitely made in a European style and is very fruit forward.

My next meeting was with Mark Shepherd of Legacy Films in Los Gatos.  Mark has been a producer and videographer for more than 26 years.  His work is phenomenal and more than that, he is a really nice guy!  Not only does he produce videos for weddings, but also think about him for montages/videos for anniversaries, bridal showers, birthday parties!  Videos are not just for weddings but most people forget about capturing the moments for other special occasions.  Just think about how much a video would elevate a 50th birthday party or even an anniversary party!

Last site visit of the week, but certainly not least was The Golf Club at Boulder Ridge.  What a lovely venue.  They were setting up for a wedding when I got there with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception.  The view from the ceremony space is great and  must say, there are no shortage of breathtaking views here in Northern California and that is a lot coming from a gal who just spent 2 years in New Zealand!!

A nice feature is a granite top bar outside by the ceremony so immediately after the ceremony (for a wedding or recommitment ceremony) guests can go right to the bar and have a lovely cocktail hour.  That said, sometimes when venues have great outdoor space, the indoor space or ballroom has much to be desired.  Not the case at Boulder Ridge!  The room has windows virtually on every side and can truly fit whatever it is the vision is.

Fortunately I was there while they were setting up for a wedding and Lisa Nunes, the Director of Events was kind enough to introduce me to some of the vendors who were working on the event.  The flowers for the event were being done by Bloomsters and has an old English garden party feel to them.  I will definitely be looking them up as a vendor!

As if this was not enough goodness to set me off on a great weekend, I had my final meeting of the week with Cassie of Los Gatos DJ Company.  She owns the company with her husband and is just about the sweetest person you could ever hope to meet.  She approached me to help her plan a housewarming party in Los Gatos for about 100 people for a family who recently remodeled their home in this lovely neighborhood.  I could not be happier – not only to get my first paying gig in the area, but to have an opportunity to work with Cassie.

Keep posted for this week’s adventures!!!

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