Country Clubs and Cakes!

One of the great things about starting my event planning business in the Bay Area is that I get to go on lots of meetings which is an excellent learning tool but also helps me to meet some exceptional people since I am new to the area.

This week, has been wonderful so far – not just for seeing great venue space and picking up new star quality vendors, but also for meeting some truly lovely and friendly people.

Saratoga Country Club is a beautiful place with stunning views and exceptional staff.  Linda, the Events Manager is an absolute doll and was very eager to help me in any way she could.  The ceremony space, in my opinion, is the shining star with an insane view.  They have made sure the lawn is kept in such high quality it almost seems unreal and is fenced off to insure maximum privacy.  Who wouldn’t feel like a princess marrying their prince charming under that?

My other meeting was with Debbie Cunningham, Owner and Baker at The Dessert Studio in Mountain View.  I was turned on to Debbie by the terrific ladies at the salon I have been going to in Willow Glen called Barbarella.  They know about my business and told me I MUST meet Debbie and taste her yummy treats.

They told me no lies.  I have just gotten home from the tasting and let me tell you, her desserts will change your life.  Not only does she do elaborate cakes but she also makes tartlets with homemade lemon curd, Scharffen Berger truffles, cookies and cupcakes!  Some things that were particularly noteable:

  • The lemon curd – tart and yet creamy at the same time
  • Biscotti – the cranberry/orange looks simple but one bite and the complexities cannot be matched – you will taste cinnamon as well as grand marnier!!
  • Gluten free and vegan options – she will NOT charge you more because she does not feel that people should be punished for dietary restrictions!  YAY!
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting – be still my heart.  The frosting is creamy and delicious without being overpowering so you can taste the moist, carrot-y goodness. Mmmmm

In addition to being an excellent baker, she is a delightful human being and the tasting just felt like two girlfriends sitting down for tea.  She makes you feel comfortable that way.  After seeing some photos of her work, it seems that if you have an idea or a theme, Debbie will make it happen which makes my event planner juices overflow!  Yet another person I hope to work with very soon.

Debbie gave me some treats to take home so I suspect I will be very popular with my husband come dessert time!  No doubt he will quickly become a Dessert Studio believer as I have now too.

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