Cake and wine tasting – Is this really my job?

This week has consisted of many more meetings!  It is great to get out there and meet new people.  There are some amazing vendors and venues here in the Bay Area.

My Monday site visit got the week off to a great start.  I visited the Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill.  It is currently being completely renovated and they have their first event post-remodel booked for September 16.  As you drive up this steep and windy road you have no idea the beauty that awaits you.  It is clear that much attention to detail has been paid to the remodel that included a brand new kitchen, amazing detail work on the ceilings as well as a number of suites which will be used for bridal parties during weddings, but then during the week, will be used as a bed and breakfast.  It is set on land that is overlooking the most gorgeous hilltops and a vineyard and the outdoor space in the back of the mansion takes full advantage of these views.  They also plan to add olive groves and light the trees so that in the evening it will add an even more elegant vibe to the already stunning property.

Later on in the week I continued with my visits and must admit that one entire day consisted of tasting cupcakes and wine.  Days like those makes many people jealous that I am an event planner!  The cupcakes were from Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos and the wine from Testarossa Winery (also in Los Gatos).  At Icing on the Cake I tried the banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting and the cookies and cream cupcake.  Indulgent and delightful may be the best descriptors.  They also make vegan cupcakes so all you vegan party-goers do not have to miss out!  The wine at Testarossa was divine (and I am not just saying that because the winery was originally built in 1888 by Northern Italian Jesuit Fathers and Brothers from the college at Mission Santa Clara (now Santa Clara University) as a means to fund their new seminary college built on the grounds the same year.) They specialize in chardonnay and pinot noir and it is not to be missed even if you are not planning or attending an event there.  They have a lovely tasting room!

Finally, the end of the week is coming up roses (or coming up florists as it were).  I have met two amazing florists.  Young K. from DeYoung Flowers in Campbell and Nasrin Assadi from La Lavande, Unique French Floral Design.  Both vendors are quite different but turn out some incredible floral designs that wow the senses.  Once I get clients I think I will have plenty of special and different vendors to be able to match them up with someone who will really “get” their vision.

Two more meetings left this week with a DJ company and I will close out the week with cake tasting at A Piece of Cake Bakery.  I guess I will just have to grin and bear it ;-)

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