Client meetings and referrals!

The past few weeks have been very exciting.  In one week I got two new client calls.  One referral was from a venue I had visited and the other was from a fellow event planner in the area.  It is really incredible how people here are willing to spread the wealth and if they cannot take an event, or if another planner if a better fit, pass it on.

One client is planning a Vegas inspired, high-end wedding with all the stops pulled out.  It is a very inspirational theme and one that in the wrong hands could go down a very cheesy road.  I have sent the proposal and am hopeful that they will choose me.

The other client is a couple who wants to have a wedding at their home in early October.  This brings up a good talking point about timing and expectations.  Sometimes people think that they will save money by planning an event in their home.  At times this may be true, but often it is not.  There are many details that go into a wedding that most folks simply do not think of, nor do they realize that when planning an event at a venue, the fee you are paying is inclusive of things such as glassware, linens, chairs, etc.  If you are going to have an event of this magnitude at your house you need to have a realistic budget.  Additionally, you must realize that if you do have a limited budget, (and this holds true for events at home and at a venue), you will not have the luxury of time to seek out vendors who will maximize this budget.

There are many things event planners can make happen in even the most challenging of spaces.  Some may even think of these feats as “magic”!  But please remember that even magic has a price. This does not mean you need to break the bank, but please be realistic!

This week began with yet another client meeting but one for an event that I’ve already booked.  It is a Housewarming Party in Los Gatos.  The lovely couple has recently remodeled their home and outdoor space and will be showing it off to friends and family this Fall with a Farmer’s Market themed event.  I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into this event which will be my very first in the Bay Area.

Lastly, today I ventured back to Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill, CA for their Open House.  They have recently redone the entire property and invited some local event planners to take the first peek.  The last time I had gone to see the Mansion was about a month ago when it was a construction site.  Now, the entry way is paved and inviting.  The inside has metal work ceilings with muted lavenders and grays which makes for a very maleable color palate.  Incredible crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings and they have also finished a few rooms upstairs including a bridal suite with a plunge tub!  There is a deck out back with sweeping views of mountains and vineyards and a ceremony space out back amongst the olive groves.  What a place!  I cannot wait to plan an event there!

I wonder what the rest of this week has in store for me?  I can’t wait to find out!

It’s coming up roses! (or floral designers as it were)

This week I met some incredible floral designers!

First I met with Bloomster’s in San Jose.  So many people had been telling me about them that I just knew I had to swing by their shop.  I had met Kren (the owner) and Elizabeth previously at a venue I visited the week before.  They were setting up for a wedding with an English garden theme.  It was divine and I could see why they were so highly recommended.

When I stopped into the shop, Kren had already left to set up for an event but Elizabeth was kind enough to meet with me and was an absolute wealth of knowledge.  She made a list of some venues she recommended I go see – many of which I had not yet heard of which was great!  They do a lot of events around town and even looking around their store you can tell why.

Another great meeting was with Kellye Clifford from Precious and Blooming.  Kellye has a background in retail but decided to pursue her passion in floral design.  Even they way she talks about the business, you can feel her passion.

We met up at a coffee shop in Los Gatos where we discussed flowers, event planning and starting a business.  She had so many nuggets of wisdom and was a great cheerleader for me doling out helpful hints and tips.

Meeting all of these creative people is really starting to feed my fire to jump back in there and plan some spectacular events!

And the highlight of this week (other than my birthday of course!) is that I have had a few inquiry calls from clients who have been referred to me by some of the venues I’ve visited.  It is really starting to happen.

What a great birthday gift!


Successful day in San Francisco

This week I spent the entire day in San Francisco!  Fortunately for my husband, I was so jam packed with meetings that I had no time to shop :(

My day began at Bently Reserve.  The only way to describe this venue is GRAND!  I was given a tour which was absolutely breathtaking. read more…

First paying gig!!

I am pleased to report that last week was a banner week to say the least which culminated in me getting my first paying gig in the Bay Area! read more…